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The programme of the festival includes 8 concerts, from 12th July to 19th August.

For the première on July the 12th, there will be the legendary Septeto Nacional De Cuba. Founded in 1927, the Septeto Nacional is the oldest music group still at work. It is considered "heritage of the Cuban culture" and keeps churning out top notch albums, always favouring the "Son", the rhythm the whole modern latin music is based on and that still is the most popular and characteristic on the island..
On July the 19th, from Africa the "bluesman of the desert" Afel Bocoum, an exeptional artist that plunges into the multitude of languages, rhythms and melodies deeply-routed in the traditions of his land - the river Niger delta. The instruments used by Bocoum are a njarka (a one chord violin), a njurkel (a two chords guitar), a calebasse, an acoustic guitar and naturally his voice. He performs with his band - Alkibar - that in the sonrhaï language means "Messenger of the great river": a music, theirs, that is a powerful instrument of social communication and sensitization on the problems of Africa and the South of the world.
Then, on July the 25th, a show of great splendour for Italy: "Storie di Maremma" (Stories of Maremma), a tale through music and poetry dedicated to the land that hosts the festival, featuring the great master of Italian theatre Arnoldo Foà accompained by the voices and percussions of the Vocal Sisters.

The 4th show will take place on August the 2nd with Iraqi singer and musician Aida Nadeem.
She presents "The Hidden Smile" a show that mixes together music and images, oriental elements, ambient and electronic music. Refined singer, virtuous bassoonist and poet Aida Nadeem was forced to leave her coutry when she was 24, because of her political involvement against dictatorship. Her latest album "Out of Baghdad was composed during Iraq invasion, which has been strongly condemned by the artist...

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