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Vox Mundi Festival 2013 - 6th Edition

Magliano in Toscana, precious medieval village in the Maremma inland, is the natural stage of a festival that gathers sounds and musical cultures of the peoples of the earth.
During July and August the squares, the ancient walls of Magliano host traditional music groups and international stars coming from all over the world.
Vox Mundi Festival: a journey through the music of the peoples, a chance to get to know far away musical and cultural identities, welcoming them in a land still strongly bound to its rural past and to folk traditions, that, all the same, opens up to meeting other cultures and music.

Concerts - Location
The concerts will take place in piazza del Popolo, a characteristic spot of the old town center, close to the beautiful St. Martin's gate.
The stage will be set in front of the old oil mill, while the audience (450 numbered seats) will reach the staircase of the Roman church of St. Martin. You will get to the place where the shows are held passing through a spectacular Mediterranean flowers and plants set in front of the side entrance of St. Martin's.
The festival spectators will have the chance to taste typical local wines and products offered by the farms of the surroundings.

Associated Events
In the wonderful Wall Tower garden Fabio Canessa meets three important characters of our region, who well represent the Tuscan tradition of irony and sneer. The Vox Mundi doesn't celebrate foreign cultures only by proposing music from various parts of the world, but also by talking about what being a Tuscan actually means, and by interviewing artists who are straightly and brilliantly Tuscan, the Maledetti Toscani!. Every Friday in July, Vox Mundi Festival will present the initiative 'Musiche nelle vie del borgo' acoustic concerts in the most typical settings of the historical centre of this medieval town, in Tuscany.

Video of Tuck & Patti concert (Magliano in Toscana - 20th July 2013)






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