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Blue Penguin - Calan

Montiano, historic center - 29th of June, 9.45 pm

Blue Penguin

The vocal band Blue Penguin presents the show 'Nine voices … almost an orchestra'. On the steps of the most famous international vocal groups (Take Six, Vocal Sampling, Swingle Singers, etc...) the nine singers from Bologna will interpret the Contemporary a cappella, a vocal genre in which every singer is a soloist and an instrument at the same time, as all the sounds - from drums or bass to guitars or strings - are reproduced only with the voice. The vocal orchestra Blue Penguin will perform pop and dance covers from the 80's, Latin American music and Italian songs from the 30's and 40's.. Entrance: 5 Euros. Video

The main program of the festival will take place as usual in Magliano in Toscana.

6th of July - 9.45 pm
Calan (Wales)
New ambassadors of Welsh Cool

This five, very talented musicians, defined as the 'New ambassadors of Welsh Cool', have enriched traditional Welsh music with a fresh, vital and vibrant sound, preserving some precious traditional peculiarities such as the use of typical instruments (celtic arp, hornpipes, violin). Their energetic performances of 'Welsh step dancing', a charming typical Welsh dance, will delight you. Web Video

13th of July - 9.45 pm
Clube de Fado (Portugal)
Vox Mundi Festival presents for the first time the chance to listen to the most authentic Fado, interpreted by some musicians and fadistas from the most renowned Case del Fado of Alfama (the ancient Arabic area in the city of Lisbon where, to this day, you can hear this poignant music): Mário Pacheco's Clube de Fado. Màrio Pacheco is considered to be one of the most important musicians of Fado. Web Video


Mário Pacheco Clube de Fado










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