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Tuck & Patti - Polkaholix

20th of July - 21.45 pm
Tuck & Patti (California)
Our 35th year of playing music together

From California the legendary Tuck & Patti: the most famous voice/guitar duo in the world. They've been together for 35 years and conquered the heart of jazz lovers, with their first album 'Tears of joy' and the consideration of guitarists and pop radios with their rendition of Cindy Lauper's 'Time after time'. Patti's folk, gospel and rhythm'n blues origins melt to Tuck's jazz upbringing, to create a unique complementarity, almost a music spell, where Patty writes and arranges and Tuck is the orchestra. Their last record 'I remember you' contains many standards from the American repertoire, with clear reference to the legendary voice/guitar duo, Ella Fitzgerald e Joe Pass. Web

27th of July - 21.45 pm
Polkaholix (Germany)
We are on a mission of Polka

Seven talented artists from Berlin, who recovered the traditional German Polka, revitalising it with ska, Balkan and Caribbean music, folk and klezmer. The 'Polkaholix' started off in 2002 with the record 'Denkste' (which immediately reached the top 20 of the European world music charts and received a nomination for the German music awards); since then, with their 800 passionate performances they have brought one single message all around Europe: 'Open your eyes! It is time to realise that Punk, Reggae, Ska, Rock 'n Roll etc... are nothing but Polka!' Their explosive energy invites you to dance and have fun. Web - Video

2nd of August - 21.45 pm
Zamballarana (Corsica) + Coro delle Donne di Magliano (Maremma)
Canti di mare e di maremme
The festival ends on the 2nd of August with an original production called 'Canti di mare e di maremme'. The sound of the polyphonic band of Corsica, Zamballarana, meets the traditional Tuscan popular music of the Donne di Magliano choir. Web - Video


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