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Piazza a mare

Vox Mundi Festival 2016 - 9th Edition


Vox Mundi Festival is a worldwide roots music festival based in Follonica (in the south of Tuscany, Italy).
The Festival, reaching its 9th edition, will involve artists that will interpret the musical traditions of their native countries - rediscovering their own roots and enriching them with their very own musical background - and representing the most diverse Voices of the World.
Vox Mundi Festival is promoted by the Municipality of Follonica and is one of the top festivals in Tuscany, being part the network project "La Toscana dei Festival". Vox Mundi festival is managed by Musical Association "Soul Diesis"; the art director is Carla Baldini and the administrator is Stefano Frosolini.
The program of the 2016 edition will cover the whole month of July, from Saturday 2nd to Friday 29th. The journey of the Vox Mundi Festival will start in Russia, will continue in South Africa, Brazil, Japan and will end in Tuscany, touching Four Continents: Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

The venues

Three shows of the Festival - with free entrance - will be held in the central square "Piazza a mare"
which has always been the heart of the town, with the stage only a few meters from the sea.
The other two, with ticket, will be held within the open sky theater "Le Ferriere".

Vox Mundi Festival 2016. Official Video

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