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Otava Yo + Nobuntu

Saturday, 2th July - 7:30 pm
Follonica - Piazza a Mare - Free entrance
Otava Yo: "A new Russian beat".
A Russian rock-folk band that reinterprets the traditional music of its country with a new irreverent and captivating style. The Otava Yo are from Saint Petersburg, but their songs speak of traditions and the life in villages and in the countryside. They use typical instruments such as the "gusli" (an ancient Slavic string instrument), the "zhaleika" (wooden aerophone with a single reed), the violin and unite traditional melodies to humorous lyrics and modern and dynamic sounds, in fact their music was defined as Russian-gothic rhythm and blues. Otava Yo are the true novelty within the circuit of the International world music: their video "Sumezcaya" has reached more than four million five hundred thousand views on Youtube. Italian Première. Web site

Saturday, 9th July - 9:30 pm
Follonica - Piazza a Mare - Free entrance

Nobuntu: "Africa New Generation"

Five young singers and dancers from Zimbabwe. These five ladies perform traditional African songs, AfroJazz, Gospel and Crossover using voices, percussions and dances; they celebrate the culture, beauty and heritage of their country through art. Nobuntu's first album "Thina" was released in 2013 and the second one "Ekhaya", was recently presented in North America. According to Nobuntu, music represents a real driver for change, a way for the new generation of African women to express themselves with creativity and overcome racial, religious and gender differences. #ProudlyAfrican. Italian Première. Web site - Video

Friday, 15th July - 9.30 pm
Follonica - Open sky theater "Le Ferriere"- Tickets: 10-12 euros + advance sale fee
Bia Góes: "Todo Mundo Quer Dançar Baião"

Bia Góes, from San Paulo, is an incredibly versatile singer and can master the various Brazilian styles such as forró, samba and baião. Her first solo album "Todo Mundo Quer Dançar Baião", released in 2013, estabilished her as one of the revelations of the Brazilian folk music. In 2014 she was a finalist for the Prêmio da Música Brasileira. For her first time in Italy, with a band directed by Ricardo Valverde, Bia Góes will present a concert of forró pé de serra (authentic original forró). …
to be continued

Bia Góes Le Donne di Magliano










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