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Masa Daiko

The forró has its origins in the North East of Brazil, was influenced by samba and merengue and
has been recently rediscovered as a most captivating dance music, full of rhythm, fun and cheerfulness. Italian Première.
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Friday, 22th July - 9:30 pm
Follonica - Open sky theater "Le Ferriere"-
Tickets: 12-15 euros + advance sale fee
Masa Daiko: "Japanese Taiko Drummers"

The Masa Daiko are one of the most famous Taiko groups - the ancient tradition of Japanese drums - in the whole world.
At its origins (VI century a.C.) the Taiko was used during battles to frighten the enemy or to give commands to the warriors; afterwards it was also used to accompany Buddhist and Shinto religious services. The Masa-Daiko was founded in 1996 by the multipercussionist artist Masakazu Nishimine. It is made up of 5 players that perform traditional music and original compositions of Taiko.
The powerful rhythm, the sensual dances and the absolute perfection and synchronism between music and movement make it one of the most unique experience, described as a rhythmic explosion of fireworks!
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Friday, 29th July - 9:30 pm
Follonica - Piazza a mare
- Free entrance
Tesi, Geri e Le Donne di magliano: "Maledetti Toscani"

Stories and legends twist and turn from the Apennines to the sea, from the river Arno to the river Ombrone. An accordion, two guitars, a violin and a choir of 20 women passionately singing their places and their people.
Songs and Tuscan "stornelli" such as "La leggera", "Violina", "La mamma 'un vole", "Le streghe di Bargazza", "Il valzer della povera gente" are performed with a sense of belonging and a bit of irony. A folk music concert to reminds us of the warmth and the tastes of village festivals.
Original production Vox Mundi Festival 2016.
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