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Tiharea e Vocal Sisters

23th of July - 21.45 pm
Tiharea (Madagascar) & Vocal Sisters (Italia)

Two historical world music vocal groups meet in a show dedicated to the charm of the most ancient instruments: singing and percussions. Tiharea tap into a tradition that smells of magic and ancestral cults directly from the great red island offshore Africa. A wonderful tour of the world that ends in Maremma, painted by Vocal Sisters with a sort of vocal impressionism where all natural elements become voice, sound and dancing

30th of July - 21.45 pm
King Pleasure & the Biscuits Boys (England)

The "aristocrats of Rhythm & Blues", King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys are one of the most requested jazz/blues groups worldwide, with two hundred concerts a year. A breathtaking performance in perfect 1940s/1950s Kansas City style, served in the most exciting show you could ever imagine.

4th of August - 21.45 pm
Skupina Banda (Slovakia)

Starting from a profound knowledge of their own roots Skupina Banda reinterpret songs from Hungarian and Slavic tradition with an energetic and soul-stirring language. However they don't abandon traditional acoustic instruments like bouzouki and violin, singing and dancing. A spectacular show that ends the festival in the typical high spirits of folk celebrations with five musicians and three dancers on the stage.


King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys Skupina Banda










Comune di Magliano in Toscana Soul Diesis